About Me


Hi!  Welcome to About A Lot.

My name is Amber and I’m married to my husband, Tim and we have 2 handsome and sweet boys, Reed and Jack.

I love being with and spending lots of time with my family. They are the ones who nudged me to begin About A Lot because I’m always coming up with something new/different/healthy/fun/beautiful…to eat, decorate and to explore together!

I’ve always had a passion for home décor/decorating/shopping, cooking and baking, health and wellness.  But my true calling in life is definitely being a mom. And a proud one at that!  This is where ‘About A Lot’ stems from.  I can proudly say I have THE best boys and I love spending time and being with my family.  They’ve inspired me to try out new ideas in the kitchen-some flops, some successful but usually always fun!  My Pinterest addiction has definitely played a big role in what we come up with!

I love browsing through pictures and plans of beautiful homes and inspiring decorating ideas. Some of them I’ve tried implementing in our own home, and some of them will stay in my fairy-tale-Pinterest-inspired dream home! There’s always something on Pinterest to inspire the inner ‘Martha’ within us all!  I love having fun, laughing lots and living life with my family and friends.

I worked in the Education field for the past 16 years as an Educational Assistant.  Unfortunately, two years ago I suffered a health setback. In turn, it required me to make the hard choice to resign from my job and to start taking care of my own physical and mental health. As hard as leaving my job was for me to do, it gave me the freedom to begin my blog.  The place where I can openly share so much that I’m passionate about.



Whatever it is you take away from here, I hope it inspires you to create love, fun and happiness for yourself, your family and others!

Thanks for stopping by and make sure to let me know what inspires you!

Amber 🙂

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