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Adding Finishing Touches to a Space

Whether you are going through a renovation or simply just redecorating a space in your home; it’s important to keep the little finishing touches in mind. Finishing touches are the final pieces you’ll add to your space that complete your makeover and help to show off your own, or your family’s personal style.

When choosing what your space needs to tie it all together, reflect upon what style &/or theme you are trying to achieve. At this point in designing a space, you should have already painted, furnished and have the flooring done. Also remember that lighting plays a huge role in any design that many people tend to overlook. It wouldn’t make much sense to re-do your entire room and then leave an outdated or mismatched light fixture hanging up.  I like to make sure the fixtures in my home all tie in nicely together as well.  For great lighting suggestions, click here.



If you’re styling a table top or shelves, keep in mind groupings, texture, season & style.  Groupings should usually be done in threes and if done properly, they will add great impact to your space.  If you are adding something that is small or on its own, it may tend to look out of place or almost disappear.  It’s key to add in pieces that are of different heights and textures for visual.  You can achieve this through throw pillows, blankets, baskets, mirrored vases, plants, books, candle holders…..the list goes on.


This is my coffee hutch I purchased from a local antiques store and my handyman Dad put together this shelf for me.


Changing up a few of your accessories and decorations during the season change will add a subtle refreshing change to your space as well.  No need to go overboard or broke doing this, just swap out a few lighter and fresh textures at the end of summer and in place add in deeper/richer accents during the colder holiday seasons.  Flowers and plants will also add a great sense of balance and colour to a room.  You don’t have to have a green thumb either!  Home decor stores offer a wide and realistic variety.


Play around with what you have.  If you’re having trouble piecing things together, clear off the space, start with your main or bigger pieces you want to showcase and try again.  Sometimes if I’m having trouble fitting a piece in, I’ll go around to other rooms in my house and swap out accessories I’ve already had.  Remember to add in your own personality and decorate with pieces that reflect the way you and your family live.  This is your (and/or your family’s) space.  Don’t get too caught up in buying whatever seems to be the next new trend.  Your home should reflect who lives there and what the space means to you and your family.


Here’s my handsome and youngest Son, Jack, and the beautiful table my talented Dad made for me!  I have since swapped out the vase of fresh flowers with another green (the kind I can’t kill) plant.


Check out these links to purchase similar inspired items shown in pics above:

I hope you enjoy remodeling or simply just freshening up a space in your home.  What are some of your favourite finishing touches you like to decorate with?

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Have fun! ~ Amber

Wife and Mom of 2 boys, Reed and Jack. I love finding new recipes, home decor ideas, fun family/kid activities and sharing them with you!

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