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Ditch the Guilt and Put Yourself First

Hey guys!  I had planned on sharing a great chicken recipe with you today but that’ll have to wait.  There’s something else I felt like I needed to share.  Something that I’ve felt guilty about doing in the past – putting myself first.

For the past week or more I’ve had to push through some tough personal ‘feels’ and emotions with various things, all while of course taking care of my family, our house, the pets and – myself.  I’m sure a lot of you can testify in that we tend to give our all to everyone else without hesitation; and in turn saving nothing for ourselves.

Last night I went to bed without brushing my teeth.  Gross – yeah, but that’s how much I had saved for myself at the end of the day.  I’ve been dealing with an ongoing health issue for over a year now which has meant I’m currently unable to work, drive and basically re-learning how to accomplish daily tasks all while pushing through the constant struggle and pain my body is putting me through.  I had to learn how to depend on others; and trust me, that was not easy for me to do.  It still isn’t.  As much as I love getting those lazy moments we get from time-to-time; to relax and do what it is we enjoy doing with that time, it’s completely different when now you HAVE to do sit/lay and do nothing because you LITERALLY cannot do very much.  You’re left feeling completely helpless and dependent on everyone else.



It’s hard to let and watch people ‘live’ your life when you’re unable to.   I had to accept our wonderful family, friends and neighbours to bring us meals, pick up the boys for school, bring them home, take them to hockey games and to outings.  I watched my boys grow up pretty quickly this past year as they took on more responsibilities that used to always be done by me.  I’m pretty blessed to have them and all of my other reliable, helpful and kind peeps in my life!


Putting Myself First??

Since then, I’ve had to learn how to take care of myself first, without the guilt, so in turn I can take better care of others.  That’s been extremely hard, especially when you’re a natural caregiver by choice.  Learning how to say ‘yes’ to (and) accepting people’s help.  Saying ‘no’ to people’s offers when I wasn’t feeling comfortable with it.  I’ve leaned a lot on my faith, prayer and by being as positive as I could.  I had 2 little sets of eyes on me and I wasn’t about to let them see me wallow and give up.  The thing is – as much love, kindness and help we give to others, we need to also start doing the same for ourselves.  It’s so important.


In a world that’s full of and focused on hatred, evil, shame, war, envy, sadness (and more); we have to remember the greatness.  The love, beauty, kindness, the little things, people who truly have our backs when we most need it.  Whatever the good you have in your life, reach out and cling onto it.  Don’t let it go.  Start doing what makes you happy and take care of you – without the guilt.  Say ‘no’ if that’s what you want to say – without giving a reason.  You were given life.  Live it the way you choose.  Focus on all the positive and all the wonderfulness there is in your world!


Here are some of those inspiring and uplifting quotes, inspirations, and prayers that have resonated with me when I’ve needed uplifting.  Share with me what’s helped you get through your tough times.

Wishing you all a positive, sweet and kind day. ❤️
p.s. I’ll share the chicken recipe next week! 😉

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