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Free and Fun Summer Activities For Kids

Summer is officially here and the last day of school countdown has now reached single digits!!  It’s time to start thinking of some activities ready for the kids!

 Summer camp is always a great option for many children.  There are so many options for to choose from it’s almost impossible not to find one that your children would enjoy.  My boys have  yet to dip their feet into the whole camp experience.  BUT, this summer my oldest, Reed, is finally going to golf camp!  Only for the mornings and 1 week, but this boy has been wanting to go since he was 5!!  He’s had a golf club in his hands since he was two and a half, so it’s safe to say that he’s pretty pumped he’s at last able to go this year!

Of course we had to go golfing on our East Coast trip last summer.  This is Reed on the beautiful Fox Meadow Golf Course, PEI.

Each summer the boys and I make a ‘summer bucket list’.


Last year we went on a 9 day road trip from Ontario to PEI.  5 provinces in 9 days!!  It was super busy and we put thousands of miles on our car, but we had a great trip and finally got to see a lot of the beautiful Canadian East Coast.  But, we didn’t make this trip until towards the end of August.  Which meant my boys had to occupy themselves all of July and 2/3’s of August because we were not doing anything else until our road trip.

Here are a couple of things I had ready for each of the boys.  I printed out many different activities and games, made them each their own folder and they kept busy for hours!

Fun Things To Do in the Car

Get more road trip ideas here. 🙂

 Between both of the boys and their friends, they’re all usually pretty good at coming up with something to do each day.  Riding bikes, scooters, making bike ramps, playing every sport imaginable, swimming….  We’re pretty lucky that two of our neighbours have pools we’re invited to use.  But, sometimes there’s t still the odd day when they’ll pull the ‘I’m bored’ card.  Being bored is not a bad thing.  It’s an opportunity for kids to learn how to occupy themselves and explore their imaginations.  But, to give them a little boost with how they can occupy their time…enter, Pinterest!!


So, here are a few ideas we’ve done, and still do when they need something different but fun to do.  And if all else fails, help them open up a roadside lemonade stand – or a Freezie stand as my boys and their friends have done in summers past.

Have fun exploring some of these summer activities and let me know what your kiddos do to beat the summer time holiday boredom!

Happy Summer!!

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