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Friday Favs || Mar. 27/20

Friday Favs  for this week: Ship Lap & Wallpaper.

I’ve pinned so many beauties this week on Pinterest as inspiration looks for our front entrance and hallway. (How did we ever cook, decorate or plan a party before this brilliant site came along?!) I know I’ve talked about this before in my other post, but this post is directed specifically to the wall design I have in mind.

We’ve (I) been planning on updating our tiny front entrance and our hallway for sometime now.  My plan is to add ship lap, wainscoting and wallpaper in both spaces.  But, to break it up a bit, I only want to do part of the walls with each material.

Wallpaper can tend to get a little pricey, but when you’re adding it to a small space, it’s totally worth that bit of splurge ~ in my opinion. Wallpapering a small space such as a front entryway, bathroom or a hall, can add that wow factor you’re going for.  Whether it be a calming segue from the front door to the living room.  A bright and bold pop of design and/or colour in a bathroom.  Or, adding that touch of neutrality in your hallway that helps to tie your rooms and spaces together.

My original plan for our hallway was to add wainscotting from the bottom of the walls up to just over the half way mark, add the trim then finish the remainder upper part of the wall with a great neutral wallpaper.  But…..I know how expensive the type of wainscotting I like is.  And, my husband & I are not handy people which ~ means we’ll probably have to pay a contractor more for this look.

I was so excited when I came across this picture. I’m really loving the ship lap look for the hallways in place of the wainscoting. The busy yet neutral green and cream toned wallpaper adds a wow factor to the space, but without screaming for attention. It’s really subtle yet really pretty.


What do you think:
Wallpaper and Ship Lap or Wallpaper and Wainscoting?
(The wallpaper I have in mind is similar to the picture on the left)


Thank you Amber @followtheyellowbrickhome.com



I think the hardest part for us will be deciding on what style/colour of wallpaper to use. There are so many beautiful types to choose from. Check out my board of wall decor and how to add more flair to your walls.


This next look is how I am imagining our front entrance.

The ship lap covering most of the wall, a great finishing trim and the top part of the wall left open. I really like the look of breaking up the walls.  It adds a bit of character to that space and it’s also a great trick to use if you’re having a hard time deciding between colours or design options. This way you can use both colours or use paint and wood together to add texture.  The options are endless.


Ship Lap half way up or Ship Lap all the way up?
(in the front entryway)






For more similar images inspired by my Friday Favs, check out these images!

Have a fabulous Friday!






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