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Front Entryway Design and Solutions

I’m kind of stuck at a crossroads in how to update our front entrance lately. I’ve been pinning like crazy and finding some really great ideas, but our entryway is SO small.

We have about two sq² of space and when all 4 of us come in or out, it’s very tight.  Over the years I’ve added a few things here and there to help with storage issues, but it’s still not functioning how I really would like it to be.


Here are a couple pictures of that space:


The view from our front door.



View from our living room

One of my main pet peeves about our current entryway is the rug situation.  ↑↑

I want a practical mat that will be easy to clean everyday BUT, I need it to look nice. Does this type of thing exist!?

The gray storage cube is newer and I do like it because we can sit on it to put our shoes on and it doubles as a hat and mitten throw-all.  But, for practicality purposes (and design wise), I really dig the idea of having a built in bench that not only adds more storage but also allows for a couple of people to sit at the same time.  The thing is, unless we get rid of our closet, I don’t think it’s really an option because of the lack of space.

Also, I still love our cute little table with the baskets. This piece is very functional to store things in and I still like the looks of it.  I just need to give it a fresh coat of paint since the water marks are impossible to get rid of.

My style is hard to pinpoint because I like a variety of things. If I had to describe what the ‘theme’ of our house currently, I’d say Farmhouse/Traditional. I like the mix and a good blend of old and new. Farmhouse style has really taken over in the past few years and you can easily access great ideas to add a touch of farmhouse to your place. As long as it adds some sort of character and expresses your own personality, I love it!


Here are a few pics of what I’m envisioning our space to look like:


Beautiful custom made wooden bench, baskets, character on the wall. Credit to: Shanty 2 Chic



Another custom bench and storage above and below.

Same type of layout we have and what it could look like with built-ins after removing the closet.

If you’ve ever watched and episode of Fixer Upper or any show on HGTV for that matter; you’ll know by now what ship-lap is.  I like it, but I’m not a fan of it in every single room; or on the entire wall.

My plan for adding ship-lap to our front entrance is to add it to the three small walls but only ¾ of the way up. Then I’d (and by I, I mean someone other than myself-or husband) install trim  around the top perimeter of the ship-lap and finish it off with the addition of our coat hooks we currently use.


Kind of like this:


Partial ship-lap wall – what I’m wanting to do.



Check out Mom Envy’s post about how to get that perfect shade of white for your ship-lap



Check out these great farmhouse entryway ideas by clicking on the pic below. ↓↓

Modern Farmhouse Entryway Ideas




Click here → entryway/mudroom for some more great ideas.

I need your help and input!

Let me know in the comments below or by email what you would do or any other suggestions you have. This space has been a bone of contention for some time now, so I want to get it done!



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