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Growing Up. Slow Down!!

It’s that time of year again around here….Birthday Season!!  We just celebrated my Hubby’s 40th Birthday last month and now my oldest Son, Reed, is turning 10 next week!  Ten!! Double Digits! A Decade!  Ya know that cliche, ‘they grow up so fast’?  It’s so true!! Why do our kids have to grow up so fast?!!  If only we could slow down time sometimes.


This past year I’ve been obsessively looking back at pictures from when my boys were so little and dependent on me.  I miss those days of them wanting to play farm or trucks with me.  Even though at that time I was probably thinking, ‘will they ever want to play something else??’  I often miss them needing or wanting me to carry them around or holding my hand wherever we went.

I’ve honestly, loved every age they’re at and I love watching them grow.  Physically, mentally, spiritually.  But some days I wish we could go back in time even for a day.  Just to hear those cute little boys voices they once had.  This is why I’m constantly taking pictures and videos of them.  The boys and I love looking through older videos from when they were so young and laughing at how wee they (just) were!!

My kids sometimes get so annoyed by me with the copious amounts of pictures I take of them.  But hopefully one day they’ll be thankful for it.

It’s so bittersweet to watch your children grow up right before your eyes.  No longer needing you for everything but still little enough to want you to snuggle with them every night before bed.  I know soon enough when my boys are teenagers, they most likely will not want to snuggle with me so I have to get them in while I can!

Being Present

One of my favourite times of the day actually is evening time when I let my boys have their snack and we watch their show together on TV.  I am almost guaranteed to get some snuggles in with each of my boys and I love it.  Even if it is for only 5 minutes-I’ll take it!!  Right now our bedtime routine is for me to still lay with each of them for a few minuets in their bed, reflecting on our day.  I always joke with them that I’ll be that Mom from “Love You Forever”!

I remember when I first came across this sweet little saying below. It made me cry because my youngest son, Jack, was almost exactly two-and-a-half.  Honestly, it hit me right in the feels!  It made me realize how important it is to just pause and look at our children each day.  Take in their sweet little faces and tiny voices.  Watch them as they learn how to ride a bike without training wheels.  Enjoy every stage and age they are at because you’ll never get that back.


It just feels like as a society we’re just rushing through our days so fast and before we know it, BOOM!!  Our kids are no longer babies.  I’ve been guilty of this with both of my boys.  Rushing for them to “act like a big boy” and wanting them to be able to do things on their own.  Perhaps we’ve rushed them into growing up too fast and we’re missing out on the little moments.  Whatever it is, make sure to find time in your day to take a moment with your children and let them know how great they are.

Check out the link for some great new ideas on how we can all be more present with our Children each day.

I know the goal is to teach our children independence and to raise them to be able to take care of themselves and then one day (waaaayyy down the road), their own family.  But it’s so important to pause for a moment or two each day and to just be in that moment with them.  Soak it all in.

What are your favourite moments (besides bedtime 😉 )with your children and how do you ensure they feel loved and valued each day?


Wife and Mom of 2 boys, Reed and Jack. I love finding new recipes, home decor ideas, fun family/kid activities and sharing them with you!

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  • Pat Smith

    Love reading all about you and kids growing up way to fast as a mom and grandma now I can reflect back on a lot and wished my two to be little again so much I would change but I will always love them.

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