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Herbs All Year Long

This is the first of many years that we didn’t plant a veggie garden.  I had every intention to but then – there was life.  I was kinda ticked with myself  because it’s so convenient to walk just  a few steps out our back door to grab a fresh tomato or cucumber to go with supper.  The plus side though, is that we have so many farmers in our area so we still have many options to eat fresh and local.  Support your local businesses!

What I’ve always wanted to do, since it can be done at any time of the year, is to plant some herb containers.  They don’t take up much space so even if you only have one or two window sills, you can still enjoy fresh herbs all winter long.  It seems easy enough, right?

I do not have a green thumb at all.  Planting a small veggie garden outside was pretty simple.  Plant. Water. Sun.  That’s all it took (I know, you’re supposed to ‘feed’ them, but I didn’t) and voila – food!  But, indoors, I think I’ve managed to kill every house plant I’ve ever had!


Surely these container gardens will be easy, right?  I’m hoping so!  It’d be so nice to have fresh cilantro and chives throughout the year.

Here’s what I dug up 😉 about planting indoor herb gardens.

Starting Your Herb Garden

Start with a seed starter from your local nursery.  This way it’ll save you the wait of ‘will or will they not sprout?’

Place your greens in an area that receives the most sunlight during the day.  Most plants will need an average or 6-8 hours of natural light each day.

Use a good quality soil.  Ask a garden expert what they would recommend as per your type of herbs you choose to plant.

Don’t forget to water them.  Hmmmm, maybe that’s why…. 🤔
Experts recommend watering once per day but just to be safe, check the soil in the container before you give them a drink.  If it’s a bit moist leave it but if it’s dry slowly add water until the soil is lightly wet, not saturated.

There’s always the confliction of watering in the morning vs watering at night (this may be just for outdoor plants but I’m sure it relates to indoor plants as well).  I’ve heard the best is to water in the morning (but not as late as 11:30 when it’s full sun).  This is so they’ll be hydrated for the day even when the super hot bright sun is out.  At night time when we tend to do it is good because they need a drink after a hot day. BUT, I’ve heard that doing this will just create a moist/moldy soil because it sits dampened for most of the night.  Just don’t water in the middle of a hot day.  This will cause the plant to burn.

And finally, get creative!  Grab those Mason jars off your shelves or pick up some cute little pots from your local home décor store and get planting.  There are so many ways to plant your herbs.

Click here for a few sweet little ways to show them off and enjoy your harvest year round!


I wanna see your ideas too so send me a pic in the comments below!



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