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Setting Goals or Making Resolutions. What Do You Do?

Hey everyone, Happy New Year!  I hope everyone was able to have some sort of break or downtime over the holiday.  We had a tough week last week. My goals of getting my boys back into the school routine and getting to bed at a decent hour was not an easy task!  Anyone else feel the same?! They were so used to going to bed later than usual for most of their Christmas Break, which meant sleeping in later the following day.  And, add on top of that my oldest, Reed, was not feeling good all week. Ear infection, cough, cold, flu AND our first round of pink eye (for both boys). This meant both of them missing lots of school and a tough first week back!!

But, they’re both on the mend and getting better ( 🙂 ).  Now it’s just a matter or getting them to bed at a decent hour, setting the alarm and trying so hard to not to push snooze for half an hour!

I won’t name names but 2/4 of us here are NOT morning people and that’s really something I want to work on this year. Getting up early has never been an easy task for me. The times I do happen to do it though, I love it….after I finally make that grueling transition from warm and cozy bed to bathroom! It feels great to get so much more accomplished during the day and not have to rush around. That’s one of my goals for this year for sure.

So, that being said, do you make resolutions? Do you believe in resolutions?

When I was younger, I remember I made a resolution to work out – but that lasted a minute. Once I reminded myself that I hate working out, I let go of that pressure and exercised when I could/wanted to and haven’t made a resolution (per se) since.

But, I do have GOALS. I feel that goals sound a bit more achievable with less of the added pressure than a ‘resolution’ does. It’s like a personal challenge. They can be financial goals, exercise goals, travel goals,health and wellness goals, the options are endless.


Setting Goals

Start out by setting some small ones first that you can work on daily and then add in a couple of bigger monthly ones.  Challenge yourself. Try new things. Something that you’ve always wanted to do but maybe just  haven’t had the time/money or chance to do yet

One of my goals for each day has always been to stay/keep organized. I’m pretty OCD and I love organizing almost anything so this one is pretty easy for me. One of my monthly goals is to tackle our pantry and fridge and to get them looking a bit neater and more accessible.

Here are a couple of Pinterest ideas I had in mind. Click here for more ways to organize your home and life.



Being OCD with keeping things/life organized means I need to have a daily/weekly/weekly menu/phone calendar/monthly and seasonal lists of things I want and need to get done.



Making my lists and visual notes have always helped me to put on paper the chaos that lives and floats around in my head all day long. It also allows my family, who aren’t quite as anal as me when it comes to organizing, to see what needs to be done and how they can help our home and lives run a bit more smoothly.








The best part of doing these lists are definitely the part when I get to cross the ‘to do’s’ off and see what I/we’ve accomplished.  Sometimes I’ll even add a job I’ve done that wasn’t on my list to begin with just so I can get that satisfaction from crossing it off!  Anyone else do this?! Pretty sure I’m not the only one!







Be a Better You!

Another goal I set for myself is to just keep trying to be a good human every day. To let go of the little things, to try not to gossip, to be kind to everyone, to give my best to my family every day and to take better care of my health/self.  Without running myself short. Without worrying what others will say and think of me and to be satisfied with mine and my family’s choices.



I feel like there’s so much pressure on Moms to be the best at their careers and jobs, come home and give their best to their spouses, kids, homes, etc., etc. To always be the best. I feel like I’ve been stuck here before. Up until Sept./17, I have always worked outside the home. For the past 12 years I worked part time and still found it hard to get everything done and then give my family my best. It can be exhausting somedays~but it’s totally worth it.  I ♥ my family!






I remember admiring my full-time female colleagues. They worked all day, raised their own family, ran their kids to social/sporting events, made meals, took care of their homes, brought work home with them, repeat, repeat, repeat.

I’m not trying to stereotype, there are SO many Dads that fit this bill as well. I’m just saying that there is knowledge in knowing and recognizing when we’ve taken on more than we can handle. And making a much needed tweaks or changes before we lose our sanity, create (more) anxiety or pain and just completely stress ourselves out.


Learn to say ‘No’

It is OK to say no sometimes when we know that we’re just not ready yet or that we just simply can’t handle at that moment.  We need to trust ourselves.  It’s not a bad thing to say no. Just like it’s not bad to: work part time or full time or to be a stay-at-home parent. It’s not a bad thing if we don’t get all the laundry done or the dishes washed. We need to decide what’s best for ourselves and for our family. And if saying ‘no’ helps, then do it – and without giving any reason!


It’s hard to give so much to others on an empty or a ‘need to refuel soon’ cup. As parents we don’t always have to put ourselves last.  I learned that lesson a couple of years ago when I went through a major health crisis.  There was really no other choice than to put myself first in order for me to get better. I didn’t like it and I still don’t. Even now I still choose to take care of my kids before myself. That’s just me. They’re only little for so long and before I know it, they won’t need me as much.

BUT, I do make sure that I take care of myself MORE and let them see that I’m more than a mom and I that I have needs and matter too. After all, we’re their greatest role models and do we really want our children growing up feeling overly-stressed about everything and taking on more than they can handle? Not being in tune to their own mental and physical health?


We, children included, need to know that it’s OK AND necessary to take a time out for ourselves; and break will vary for each person. Some may need only a few minutes to recharge while others will need a day or two.


We need to let go of that mentality that if we’re not busy, than we should feel guilty. Quit with the pressure of that in order to feel productive that we always need to be doing something or running around the province for sports and activities or needing to get all the cleaning done or trying to do it all or…. fill in the blank.  It’s not always easy because there are things I know that must be done on a daily basis. But if you find yourself living your life on repeat day after day and are miserable, exhausted and defeated, then maybe it’s time to take a step back and re-evaluate things. Need some ideas on how to get some stress relief? Click here.

I know I’m still learning this. My oldest son decided not to play hockey this year and we were so set that he must do something to stay active. But know what? I love this extra time with him. Going to all of his brother’s hockey games with us and having that extra hanging out time together, I love it (and I know he does too 😉 ). He’s going to be 12 this year and I know eventually he’s not gonna want to hang out with me as much’; so I’m so thankful for each moment he does want to sit beside me! I do really miss watching him play hockey though; he was such a great player!



  I love this right here. January Prompts for a better you!


Take your time when setting goals or making your resolution(s). Make lists, vision boards set up a phone reminders to help keep you on track. If it’s not going as planned, try again later. Maybe there is something else you need to do first? Start by reflecting on the past year to see what you liked or didn’t like. What worked or didn’t work and tweak things where needed.


Do you set goals? Make resolutions? Change your habits? Let me know!!

~Amber 🙂






Wife and Mom of 2 boys, Reed and Jack. I love finding new recipes, home decor ideas, fun family/kid activities and sharing them with you!

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